CHEM 1109 - General Chemistry for Engineering Majors (lab)

Basic laboratory experiments supporting theoretical principles presented in CHEM 1309; introduction of the scientific method, experimental design, chemical instrumentation, data collection and analysis, and preparation of laboratory reports.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will:

  1. Use basic apparatus and apply experimental methodologies used in the chemistry laboratory.
  2. Demonstrate safe and proper handling of laboratory equipment and chemicals.
  3. Conduct basic laboratory experiments with proper laboratory techniques.
  4. Make careful and accurate experimental observations.
  5. Relate physical observations and measurements to theoretical principles.
  6. Interpret laboratory results and experimental data, and reach logical conclusions.
  7. Record experimental work completely and accurately in laboratory notebooks and communicate experimental results clearly in written reports.
  8. Design fundamental experiments involving principles of chemistry and chemical instrumentation.
  9. Identify appropriate sources of information for conducting laboratory experiments involving principles of chemistry.

Grade Basis: L
Credit hours: 1.0
Lab hours: 1.0


  • CHEM 1309 - General Chemistry for Engineering Majors (lecture)