Criminal Justice Technology

Grayson College offers an Associate of Applied Science degree in Criminal Justice and a Certificate in Law Enforcement. Majoring in Criminal Justice will help prepare the student for a number of careers in criminal justice including police officer, sheriff’s deputy, state police officer, and federal law enforcement positions. Employment opportunities also exist serving as a corrections officer, probation officer, parole officer, and the corporate world of loss prevention.

The entire Criminal Justice AAS degree program is also available in an online format. 

CJSA courses may also be taken for non-credit through the GC Continuing Education Division.

Course Requirements

Admission to Grayson College requires a high school diploma or an equivalent and that all TSI requirements are met.

Capstone Experience

Graduation with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Criminal Justice requires the successful completion of a Comprehensive Exit Exam.

Local Employers

Grayson County Sheriff's Office, Sherman Police Department, Denison Police Department, Pottsboro Police Department, Howe Police Department, Buster Cole State Jail and the Choice Moore Transfer Facility.

Associate of Applied Science - Criminal Justice Technology

Subject Semester Hours
*CRIJ 1301 / CJSA 1322 (Intro to Criminal Just.) 3
ENGL 1301 (Composition I)  3
*CRIJ 1306 / CJSA 1313 (Court Systems Practices) 3
*CRIJ 1310 / CJSA 1327 (Fundamentals of Criminal Law) 3
HIST 1301 (United States History I) 3
*CRIJ 1307 / CJSA 1312 (Crime in America) 3
ENGL 2311 (Technical and Business Writing) / ENGL 1302 (Composition II) 3
*CRIJ 2314 / CJSA 1342 (Criminal Investigation) 3
*SPCH 1311 (Intro to Spch Comm.) /1321 Business and Professional Comm. 3
HIST 1302 (United States History II) 3
*CRIJ 2301 / CJCR 2324 (Community Resources in Corrections) 3
GOVT 2305 (Federal Government) 3
*CRIJ 2313 / CJCR 1307 (Correctional Systems and Practices) 3
*CRIJ 2323 / CJSA 2300 (Legal Aspects of Law Enforcement) 3
SOCI 1301 (Introduction to Sociology) 3
CJSA 2334 (Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice) 3
*MATH 1332 (Quantitative Reasoning) 3
CRIJ 2328 / CJSA 1359 (Police Systems and Practices) 3
*HUMA 1301 (Introduction to the Humanities I) 3
*Elective 3
total: 60

Law Enforcement - Certificate

Subject Semester Hours
* Any Four CRIJ/CJSA courses 12
CJLE 1506 (Basic Peace Officer I) 5
CJLE 1512 (Basic Peace Officer II) 5
CJLE 1518 (Basic Peace Officer III) 5
CJLE 1524 (Basic Peace Officer IV) 5
CJLE 1329 (Basic Peace Officer V) 3
CJLE 1111 (Basic Firearms) 1
total: 36

Capstone Requirement: All students must pass the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) Basic Peace Officer Exam.

*Please review your Student Planner or contact your Student Success Coach/Faculty Advisor to review which courses may be used to fill this degree requirement.

Students who desire Associate of Applied Science Degree, see degree requirements.

Last updated: 03/04/2022