For students planning to pursue an Engineering major and transfer to a four-year institution, as a general rule, students should follow the Associate of Science Degree in Engineering at Grayson College as part of the Science and Technology Career Pathway. All students are advised to counsel with the university/college of their choice to determine which courses offered at Grayson College are applicable to that institution's bachelor's degree in their desired major.


Associate of Science - Engineering

The Associate of Science Degree requires that TSI requirements are met.

Subject Semester Hours
MATH 2312 (Precal Math) 3
ENGL 1301 (Composition I) 3
Creative Arts Core 3
ENGL 1302 (Composition II) 3
Engineering Elective 2
MATH 2413 (Calculus I) 4
PHYS 2325 (University Physics I) 3
PHYS 2125 (University Physics Lab I) 1
HIST 1301 (US History I) 3
HIST 1302 (US History II) 3
Engineering Elective 3
MATH 2414 (Calculus II) 4
PHYS 2326 (University Physics II) 3
PHYS 2126 (University Physics II Lab) 1
GOVT 2305 (Federal Government) 3
Engineering Elective 3
Engineering Elective 3
Engineering Elective 3
GOVT 2306 (Texas Government) 3
Social and Behavioral Science Core 3
Language, Philosophy, & Cultural Core 3
total: 60

*Please review your Student Planner or contact your Student Success Coach/Faculty Advisor to review which courses may be used to fill this degree requirement.

Students earning an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, or Associate of Arts in Teaching Degree at Grayson College must complete 42 hours of a state mandated Core Curriculum in addition to major courses and electives in their particular area of interest. Following are the Core Curriculum Component Areas. Click here for allowable courses within each component area.                                                                                                    


Component Areas

Required Hours

010 Communication 


020 Mathematics


030 Life and Physical Sciences


040 Language, Philosophy, and Culture


050 Creative Arts


060 American History


070 Government/Political Science


080 Social and Behavioral Sciences


090 Component Area Option





Last updated: 12/07/2022