LSKL Courses

  • LSKL 0032 - Non-Course Based Remediation

    Non-course based remediation designed for the developmental students seeking support for course work and/or assistance with test preparation. Intervention strategies include peer tutoring, multi-media instruction, and seminars. As in learning skills courses and labs, this non-course based remediation cannot substitute for the required course/lab in the specific skill area, i.e. reading, writing and math. To be arranged in time and format under the direction of LAC staff.

    Grade Basis: L

  • LSKL 0115 - Learning Skills Laboratory I

    Learning program designed for self-improvement in study skills and classroom learning strategies. Topics include note-taking, time-management, goal-setting, and test-taking. Teaching methods include workshops, discussion, multimedia instruction, and computerized learning styles analysis.

    Grade Basis: L
    Credit hours: 1.0
    Lab hours: 1.0

  • LSKL 0215 - Learning Skills Laboratory II

    Individualized learning program for self-improvement in study skills and classroom learning. Topics include note-taking, preparing for exams, goal-setting, and research paper skills.

    Grade Basis: L
    Credit hours: 2.0
    Lab hours: 2.0

  • LSKL 0300 - Learning Skills Laboratory II

    Emphasis on coping with the demands of a college environment and developing classroom behaviors and study habits that lead to success. Topics covered include setting goals, managing time, handling stress, taking notes, marking textbooks, and passing exams.

    Grade Basis: L
    Credit hours: 3.0
    Lab hours: 3.0